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Revive or downed state for Ark Acended Players and tames!

Ark is a great game, but the death side of it can be really frustrating and annoying, especially when you lose your tames to accidental deaths.

Ive always been a fan of second chances, and I think if there was a way for ark players to go "down" after their health hits 0, and then having a timer that could eventually kill the player if theyre not revived, could be really benifical.

I would really want it for the player, but having it for tames would be a nice option as well. I know nothing about modding, but with Arks "knocked out" mechanic, I feel like you could automatically make the player/tame go into that state as their health goes to zero, but then have an option to revive them that would be an instant way to get them up with full or half health, or if the timer goes out they actually die. This would still be seperate from Torpidity.

Any thoughts?

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  • Jan 22 2024
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  • Jan 22, 2024

    Admin response

    Hello, we are a mod hosting platform - we do not create mods. If you wish to suggest a new mod, or learn more about how to create mods, you should try reaching out to our author community.

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