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Retro style app

I m still not convinsed of benefits of Twitch totaly hijacked modding community, but this Courseforge Overwolf beta app is a joke, right? Like on April 1st, right?

I mean... how you can even declared something so poorly integrated into existing DB even as Beta? in 2020?

Search for modspacks is on level pre 2010 and you have all dependancies in DB on webside. FGS there is not even list of mods in the modpack AFTER there is already installed (not to mentioned it should be before, while you are searching for new modpack ideas.

Ok, let me stay within the 'search' part of this app... it is obviously it search only by title, not even by partial words as it could in 2010 by adding *, why do not search by description too, or mods included.... or be revulutionary and add autosuggestion on misstypes as normal searches do like for 10 years. there is even false result on partial titles.

Should I go on or...

and dont BS with this 'ads help the modders' ads dont help even this new APP developers to keep up with reality?

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  • Nov 28 2020
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