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More "Depencies / Dependants category" ordering possibilities

As a mod creator, seeing mods, packs or modpacks using our mods is interesting, but the current options (the "Depencies / Dependants" tab) is lacking small features that could make them way more useful

First : Being able to order "dependants" by
- amount of downloads
- last updated
- name
with a new button could be a neat feature.

Why : It fit easily with the new UI (Capture 1) and would allow to have a better understanding of which modpacks contains our mods, which large ones do, which ones updated recently, who is using our mods, to have a better understanding of our mods stats.
There is really a lack of a way currently to visualise easily "ok, what modpacks are using this mod ?" or "what's the biggest modpack using my mod ?" without stuff like checking tons of modpacks mod lists or being flooded by too much results.
Most of the time your mod gets added to a popular modpack but you don't know it because there is simply too much stuff to browse through (Capture 2), and you need to look for all big modpacks modlist to look for one that updated recently and that could explain the stats increase, only to have the answer weeks later from a random player of the modpack in question.
-> It's useful for both Mod Creators willing to visualise where and how their mods / texture packs / etc are used, and Players looking for large modpacks using their favorite mod (or packs/addons made for it, see "Second")

Second : Being able to differenciate modpacks, mods, texture packs, etc, in the "dependants" category with a new button would make it really interesting

Why : This category is quickly saturated by really diverse stuff without any distinction, making it hard to just visualise texture packs or addons working with a specific mod (Capture 3). Mods like create get their own addon category tag, but for smaller mods, finding addons and texture packs, or just realising they are some in the first place is hard to know (i had friends looking for textures packs for multiple large mods for days and still missing basic ones because they are no other way to find them than looking for "X mod texture pack" in the hope of it not having a custom name).
Having an option to quickly browse between modpacks, texture or datapacks, mods, etc (Capture 4), could really make this category useful instead of overflooded like it is currently to be readable, forcing addons / texture pack creators to be featured by modders on the modpage to be visible.
-> It's useful for both Mod Creators willing to see addons or additions made for their creations, and Players looking for additional content around a mod they like, by having a quick way to easily find its texture packs / addons

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  • Oct 23 2023
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