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UI/UX nitpicks for visual clarity

These are a couple nitpicks I have with the UI, primarily for small screens like on laptops, but also for modpacks with dozens to hundreds of various mods. I put this under "App > Minecraft" bc I don't know if the other games have a different gui.

When you have more than one page of mods, it is difficult to keep track of them visually.

You may have 50+ mods in a given pack. Maybe 10 tech mods, 5 magic mods, 10 performance optimizations, 10 structure mods, 10 libraries... It's a lot, especially for a standard table. As a result, there are UX issues, it is difficult to find a particular mod, or to take stock of everything that's been added.

The most intuitive solution is user created groups. Add a category, then drag & drop mods into the categories, and you can expand/collapse them as needed.


Many component libraries support this but they aren't difficult to custom bake, though you will have to add a bit of metadata to the pack (I will gladly trade +5kb for this.)

Everything would be under an "uncategorized" by default, so this would be opt-in.

When you scroll, visually it all blends together.

The categories would alleviate this.

Additional options:

  • toggles for n-th row shading

  • border-bottom

  • reduced padding (to increase rows on screen and reduce the need to scroll)

It is not small-screen friendly. When you reduce the window size, the modlist is <25% of the gui.

The low padding option would help with this. Ideally, on low screen sizes, scrolling the modlist should hide the modpack info above it, allowing it to grow to the entire height of the screen, exactly like a navbar that gets out of your way.


When you scroll back to the top, the hidden content comes back into view. This is improved further with low padding options.

A couple of useful sorting options are missing

  • "date added"

  • "enabled"

I would assume "date added" isn't an option because the mod.json file doesn't have the required metadata. Again, I would trade a couple kb on disk for this. It can even be stripped during export.

That's pretty much all I have, sorry it's a bit scattered/unfocused and my mspaint mockups are ugly =)

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  • Sep 27 2023
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