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hey ...just a crafter here thinking this would be convenient to mod pack creators and players

Unidict, thermal foundation, embers,

So I play fallout 4 and use the vortex mod manager and I think the (Curseforge Overwolf App) could use some of these examples in why creating a new config and install UI would be helpful productive to us all.

  • Custom Config Installation

Having a custom install and better communication between mods would be great because not all players can launch there game when there settings are set to high on default, Ex: The pictures I've provided show a mod for FO4 being configured on installation, in Minecraft it would be best if mods could be configured in this same way.

Graphics: Fast/Fancy

Animations: On/Off

  • Mod, and Dimensions Conflicts

we as modpack authors usually have a hard time dealing with conflict in config files. Ex: to see if there are conflicts between mods, modpack authors have to wait to load up the whole game up (which could take a long time) to then realize that there are conflicts and at some points the game does not list all conflicts until the one at hand is dealt with, which can become VERY TEDIOUS.

although it is mostly an issue for older versions the Dimension ID conflicts are a pain to sort out.

In a whole having a better mod UI and Conflict detection would be Helpful

  • Modpack Integration

Modpacks such as (Project ozone, FTB Infinity Evolved, so on and so forth...) all use different difficulties as far as the recipes and items, but to change the difficulty the player has to change that in (packmode.cfg or packmode.toml (depending upon which version the player is using)) having a UI to change that and scenarios like that would be great help for most

  • Mod Support Customization

some mods like (thermal foundation, embers, ect.. ) at ores, ingots, nuggets and blocks of the same type of materials gathered the same way. mods like Unidict sets the game so it uses only one type and all types of material for crafting Ex:(7 copper + 1 advanced machine casing + 1 electrical furnace= induction furnace) The Advanced machine casing, Electrical furnace, and Induction furnace are all from IC2 but the copper can be from any other mod that has copper. but if modpack authors have a preferred default material then having the option to change such in the mod manager would be helpful

Although most of these examples are targeting problems with mods, they show why a better/new UI would be helpful for Modders, Modpack Authors, and Players

Make sure to leave comments and suggestions, And Curseforge please consider

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  • Nov 26 2020
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