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Please remove the timeout for downloads. People with slow connections cannot download large packs. Alternatively actually have it check whether or not the download is progressing.

  • O J
  • Nov 25 2020
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  • mohammed alhialy commented
    11 Mar 10:32pm

    agree, i really dont understand the brain ot people that put timeout for downloading, i was happy modpacks moved to curseforge from twitch cause i thought they would remove the timeout thing, but they brought the same shit, and they dont even clearify why on earth would they cancel downloads for this reason

  • Zombie Makise commented
    19 Jan 11:59pm

    I agree with this, many packs have no alternative methods to download and as someone who also has a slow connection and I find it very disappointing that this company is unwilling to provide service to those of us with slow connections