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Don't move to overwolf

Overwolf hasn't been relevant in the gaming space for 8 years. We don't need more bloatware that is mandatory to run in the background to manage mod libraries & installation. It makes it so much harder to convince friends to install a mod pack if there only options are manual or bloatware.

Also it's soo slow to startup the app compared to twitch.

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  • Nov 22 2020
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  • Guest commented
    15 Oct 04:07am

    BellCube is filled with an impressive amount of shit lets all be honest... You were clearly either paid to post this or work for them lol.

  • BellCube commented
    23 Jun 12:48pm

    It's been a good 6 months since the last comment here, but I've been copy-pasting this message all day, so might as well paste it here too. Additionally, I'll address some of the comments below as well.

    I've always refused to use the Twitch launcher for the horrible design, hard-to-use UI, and the ridiculous amount of bloat. I'd much rather watch Twitch in my browser. I didn't have Twitch installed at the separation announcement, nor did I have it installed when the separation actually occurred, so I can't tell you if Twitch improved any, but I can say that Twitch was about as bad as Chrome in terms of memory-hogging (based on relative usefulness).

    While we're at it, let me explain why the CF team won't ditch Overwolf any time soon.

    CurseForge is a modern application, and like every modern application, is programmed via a programming language. Not even Microsoft develops Windows in binary CPU instructions. Because Overwolf has their own, simple-to-use, HTML (website code)-based programming language, that's what they use. Overwolf already bought Twitch, give them some rest. Changing to a language like, say, C++ would drastically increase development times and would require a re-write of the entire CurseForge application.

    And for those of you calling Overwolf "bloatware," just be aware that you can easily tune Overwolf to launch and close with the CurseForge application, as I have done. Overwolf REALLY allows for the crazy-fast development times that would've taken the Twitch teams many times longer, assuming they had the same dedication the Overwolf-CF team does (which they did NOT). Honestly, would you rather have the Twitch launcher or Overwolf's? Personally, I'll take Overwolf for the massive lack of bloat compared to Twitch, let alone everything else they've added as of late.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jan 03:58am

    I can respect trying to expand, I can respect trying to help devs, I can respect separating from Twitch.

    I do not respect signing up with overwolf (imo, far worse than twitch) and I do not respect changing from a fully free experience to an "Ads or pay" format.

    I would give the app a shot, if it wasn't a combination of cringe, frustration and disappointment over having lost something I previously enjoyed a lot. I'll hop on over to MultiMC, or any other FOSS software. Cause I'd rather mod minecraft myself and manage it all myself, than have to deal with this bullshit.

  • naldopa ZOMBIE commented
    13 Dec, 2020 01:11am

    If you build an app on overwolf is more easien than build from scratch the app

  • Guest commented
    1 Dec, 2020 07:23am

    I am reaallyy not happy about overwolf and curseforge, looks bad, already crashed and if i watch twitch i only needed one up running to set up addons and watch twitch simoultaniously. Now I need 3? Okay. Why fix something what isn't broken???? This is so dogshit. And ads too? You just made a lot of people hate you, congrats. Not very good strat tbh.... I really hope that discord will be replacing you in a bit in mods, it would be great.

  • Guest commented
    25 Nov, 2020 01:33pm

    I agree. Overwolf is completely useless. The design of Launcher is also very bad compared to twitch. and I think it will never be as good as Twitch. I'm worried about the future of modded minecraft.

  • Zero Necrosis commented
    24 Nov, 2020 05:15pm

    I have not had any issues at all as a technician I think you may be paranoid. I was sceptical at first as well.

  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2020 04:42pm


  • kraystase . commented
    22 Nov, 2020 09:06am

    I totally agree, I offered the same thing, and I have not had any feedback