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Better Promotion of Individual Mods (Minecraft)

The push for modpacks within the Minecraft community, stemming from FTB/CurseForge, has taken the focus off of individual mods and the modders that develop them. Many casual users think that modpacks *are* just individual mods, and don't know the specific mods that make them up, leading to less opportunities for community engagement, technical support, and other info that may not be able to reach them otherwise. To even search for individual Minecraft mods on the current Twitch app, you have to figure out how to create a custom instance, and then click a button poorly labled "Get More Content" to be able to search through mods. Modpacks are good for ease of access, but there needs to be better promotion of individual mods alongside modpacks, not favoring one system over the other.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Planned
  • Aug 17, 2020

    Admin response

    We're happy to say that our new client design will allot for better exploration and navigation of mods in general, not just modpacks.
    You can watch screenshots and mockups of the new design on our roadmap here.

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