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Progress Bar on profile transfer, running tally on number of profiles, and cancel button on transfer

When I switched from the twitch-app to the new overwolf one, I had several minecraft modded profiles that were automatically ported over. While I do appreciate the auto-detection, I would have liked to know how much of the profile had transferred as it progressed, as well as an overall tally of how many profiles were transferred out of all profiles. (Something that shows "3/10 Profiles Transferred" or something)

I believe this is beneficial because many users need a rough estimation of how much time a process will take, maybe because they need to be doing something else, maybe they have a diagnostic or restart scheduled. Some users may even think it will complete on its own, but have it interrupted by a timed PC sleep/automatic shut down setting.

If such a circumstance might occur, or perhaps a user would wish to trim/delete old and unused profiles at the opportunity of switching to a new application, maybe it would be good to offer an option to elect OUT of an automatic porting, or at least a "cancel" button. (Apologies if such a thing exists and I just didn't see it)

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  • Nov 21 2020
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