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Change or at least allow customizability of the minecraft memory launch options

In the launch options let's say you want to dedicate 8GB of ram. If you use the slider in the curseforge settings you will get -Xmx8192m and -Xms256m Minecraft will attempt to garbage collect down to 256m causing massive lag spikes on larger modpacks. If you instead change the arguments manually to -Xmx8192m and -Xms8192m there will be no lag spikes and it will only GC to keep it around 8G. This will help users with sub optimal RAM to run at peak performance and hopefully squeeze a few extra mods into their packs, and will overall improve performance.

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  • Nov 18 2020
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  • SnowShock35 commented
    19 Nov, 2020 09:55am

    As a temporary work around you can override the minimum memory amount by adding the -Xms flag to the addition JVM options in the setting.

    However, I do agree there needs to be a more permenant solution whether there are two sliders, a single slider with a min and a max option on it or any other number of ways you could address this UI/UX problem.