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Add project status(es) to reduce confusion of "archived"

Hi, you're a Modpack dev?

Imagine the following situation. (Based off of a real occurence I experienced)
You are working on a huge pack and taking a bit of time to debug/fix and balance everything. A few months/weeks after you started, you're done with your first Beta/Alpha. You decide to publish. Oh, one Mod got a weird name. Project-123456789 (imaginary number) instead of its name. You click on it in the App and see ah the info is still there. Author says "I stop updating this so it's archived." Okay no problem, you think, no updates necessary as it's working fine. You pack everything, spend hours on the summary and logo, wipe off the dust, done. Uploaded. Waiting for approval.
What then comes is quite a shock. Rejected because the mod you were confused about couldn't be found.
Strange. You go investigate further to see that the mod is not to be found on the Website at all.
After a few exchanges with the dev the truth comes out: "Archived" was not meant to stop distribution from their side at all, but that's exactly what "Archived" does, it stops distribution.

This situation was quite a rollercoaster so it kept me thinking. How can we improve and avoid confusion?

Idea: We give the project a more clear project status.

Version a)
Archive project with distribution allowed for modpack devs as an option, but with a warning for modpack devs.

Version b)
"Project status: Green: Maintained and frequently updated with new features,

Yellow: Maintained but only fix updates,

Red: Distribution only, no maintenance,

Gray: Archived, only legacy usable (no Modpack distribution)"

which can be always changed/chosen by Project devs.

Current projects go into a "default" state "Published, no chosen status" and if one wishes to change that, they can, easily. People will not ask for updates or expect any on red projects, but if they work fine, you can still add them to modpacks.

What do you think? I would be super happy about some upvotes! :)

P.S.: I am not sure what to pick under category, as I then chose to pick "d. Other", but it might also fit in "a. Author Portal", or something along those lines. If anybody can change that according to where it fits, for a lack of knowledge on my side, feel free to do so and remove this note here.

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  • Mar 28 2023
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