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Have Legal Fight for us on our Behalf against Illegally Rehosted Content

Many of us depend on the curse points and now the upcoming new overwolf way of doing it. Some 3rd party launchers such as Technic all the distributuion of packs that contain content that are rehosted away from CurseForge that originate at CurseForge.

This rehosting is stealing valuable remuneration from our pockets.

In addition to promoting packs that rehost our content via these other launchers, there are websites that illegally rehost our content such as

Anyone voting on this, please indicate launchers that allow rehosted packs and content, and any sites that you've found that promote rehosting mods that they don't have the right the rehost.

  • Kree Zuhl
  • Nov 17 2020
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  • itsmeowdev commented
    27 Apr 06:13pm

    I would suggest anyone looking for more info on this see