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Linux Support

The current banding only mentions Windows and Mac for the new client, but a not insignificant portion of modders use some form of linux as their daily driver OS.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Sep 10, 2020

    Admin response

    PC support will roll out first followed shortly by Mac.
    Linux support will be addressed later on.

    We realize there are Linux OS gamers and creators and want to offer them the CurseForge experience, however we require time.

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  • Guest commented
    18 Sep 06:35pm

    It is almost the end of 2021. You have had this on MacOS, already a UNIX-based OS, for about a year. It is a Chromium-based application. HOW THE HECK IS THIS NOT ALREADY ON LINUX YET!?

  • Abiee LeNoir commented
    10 Sep 02:07pm

    I hope when u guys say the full curseforge experience means both curseforge and overwolf apps

  • Nicu commented
    9 Sep 02:26am

    Trying to download the client from a Linux browser (Chromium), I get this message: "The CurseForge app is not meant for mobile. Please retry on a PC or Mac computer."

    @Team Overwolf: Get your terminology straight. PC is not just Windows. A PC is just a tool capable of running a variety of operating systems.

  • Nicu commented
    8 Sep 11:57pm

    I gave up on Windows over a decade ago, so it would be great if I could play with my friends.

    P.S. "PC support" is not the same as "Windows support". I run my Linux OS on a PC. :)

  • Jasden Odomano commented
    30 Aug 07:55pm

    I make server modpacks using curseforge and I run the servers with in Linux
    this would cut out the part where I switch OSs every time

  • Guest commented
    26 Aug 10:44pm

    r u serious linux os and its variants are like in the top best os now and some even choose over mac os and windows

  • PugzAreCute commented
    2 Aug 07:58am

    Cmon, atleast let me download the pack as a zip

  • Guest commented
    26 Jul 09:32pm

    thank for not doing this at all.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jul 08:03pm


  • Abiee LeNoir commented
    23 Jul 02:08pm


  • jason werner commented
    21 Jul 12:37am

    Apparently curseforge modpacks are entirely open to normal http requests?

    If so I think an enterprising Linux user could clone the client (and maybe leave out all the overwolf BS).

  • Joseph E Densmore commented
    18 Jul 05:11pm

    I can't get it to run or install in Wine or Lutris in Tumbleweed. Any suggestions?

  • Rick H. commented
    15 Jul 10:14pm

    Luckily, Forge is still updated and running. Just got it working on Ubuntu 20 so I can run MC 1.12.2 mods!

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul 03:52pm

    Are Linux Devs gonna include the advert channel in their build of the app?? Doubt it, and that's the reason you'll never see the code.

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul 01:33am


    "Linux support will never be addressed. You will never be allowed to view the source code, let alone contribute to it or make your own build. We want to do our part to preserve the duopoly in consumer computing by not supporting anything but Mac OS and Windows. Long live proprietary software models. Down with freedom."

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul 10:50pm


  • Guest commented
    24 Jun 06:02pm


  • Guest commented
    18 Jun 11:30pm


  • Guest commented
    14 Jun 01:41pm


  • Guest commented
    7 Jun 09:37pm

    Linux users are smart as many of us are either computer devs or something like it. if you just add a linux install the linux users will find a way to make it work on linux then those of us who arent professionals with computers and all that will follow along a post or tutorial or something.

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