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Linux Support

The current banding only mentions Windows and Mac for the new client, but a not insignificant portion of modders use some form of linux as their daily driver OS.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Sep 10, 2020

    Admin response

    PC support will roll out first followed shortly by Mac.
    Linux support will be addressed later on.

    We realize there are Linux OS gamers and creators and want to offer them the CurseForge experience, however we require time.

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  • Kree Zuhl commented
    14 Oct 12:17pm

    It's not hard to build Linux apps, that's just an excuse. If you can build a Mac app you can also build Linux apps, the two architectures at the OS level are eerily similar unless you already know the truth as to why.

    There are by my count at least 4 launchers out now that support mod packs for CF as well as other pack sites. Each time they update, all three versions come out simultaneously. Seems to me it's a switch in the compiler software.

    Not wanting to support the Linux community right out the gate is a bad move especially when the community is growing by leaps and bounds. You can blame Microsoft with their incessant desire to force updates on users even when those updates have been turned off.

  • Amaryllis Kulla commented
    10 Oct 01:08pm

    An interesting but often overlooked fact is that it's very hard to build native Linux apps which then later cannot be ported to Windows. Just food for thought =)

  • John Smith commented
    10 Oct 04:00am

    If overwolf doesnt support open source then i wont support overwolf. end of discussion

  • Gary Carter commented
    27 Sep 07:21pm

    Will second - MultiMC has been my go-to for playing various Minecraft modpacks on Linux, it is an amazing project I love dearly, so if there's anything they can offer, even just referencing their code (mindful of licensing of course), they're great. To the point of just copy-pasting in Twitch pack URLs and they can build it up mod-by-mod the same way.

    If there won't be a CurseForge client for Linux, please at least try to keep the MultiMC (and other launcher) devs in the loop about the backend changes that may be going along with the migration, so they can continue to support us in the meantime. <3

  • Snowy Plays on linux commented
    25 Sep 05:09am

    i was coming here to request the same thing. I will try to get the client running under wine, but i would love it if linux support was included.

  • Kree Zuhl commented
    10 Sep 01:37pm and both support Linux out of the box, are open source, and will launch packs built with 1.13 thru 1.16.x and later.

    Overwolf should leverage the open source community to further it's own technology. Much the way the top Linux distribution houses do it. Red Hat with their commercial Centos and their community level Fedora immediately comes to mind.

    Also GDL from gdevs supports mod pack export, ie are you wondering why there are so many 1.13 thru 1.16.x mod packs even tho Twitch launcher can't launch them? So many so quick more than you can generate by hand. Yes. I gave you the links.

    Huge talent in the open source community, I recommend to not ignore it.

  • Mathew Damon commented
    10 Sep 12:50pm

    I must say that is the best hope us linux gamers have ever gotten. I have seen several linux requests just outright 0 explination told no. never. or not happening. I hope this actually goes somewhere. I want to get back into modding but can't do it till CurseForge helps us out.

  • Mathew Damon commented
    10 Sep 12:31pm

    I haven't played Minecraft in months due to a huge lack of Linux support from curseforge and twitch. I really hope this changes. There is an entire comunity being alienated by 0 support.

  • Joseph A Nagy, Jr commented
    6 Aug 01:53pm

    I support this whole-heartedly.

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