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Linux Support

The current banding only mentions Windows and Mac for the new client, but a not insignificant portion of modders use some form of linux as their daily driver OS.

  • Team Overwolf
  • Jul 1 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Sep 10, 2020

    Admin response

    PC support will roll out first followed shortly by Mac.
    Linux support will be addressed later on.

    We realize there are Linux OS gamers and creators and want to offer them the CurseForge experience, however we require time.

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  • Felipe Morschel commented
    13 Apr 12:23pm


  • Troy Cook commented
    12 Apr 02:14am

    We are still waiting for this.... Mac OS is so similar. Hell, you are using a chromium based browser for the apps, chromium works on linux HELLO!!!

  • Daniel MM commented
    4 Apr 03:06pm


  • Jhonatan Loor commented
    3 Apr 03:05am

    +1 Linux

  • lukas rau commented
    29 Mar 02:34pm

    any kind of update ? whats the status ? cuz Mac and linux have the same origin UNIX and both can interpret POSIX like how hard can it be ?

  • Nima Heydari commented
    29 Mar 02:04pm

    +1 Linux

  • Anton Tina commented
    26 Mar 11:57am

    +1 Linux

  • dsfg df commented
    25 Mar 10:50am

    Windows and Mac support are now rolled out. So, are you working on a Linux client?

  • El Santo commented
    21 Mar 03:57pm

    Please, add linux support.

  • Mantas Jucus commented
    18 Mar 03:43pm

    Admin linux gamers support you +1 from linux

  • R G commented
    14 Mar 10:04pm

    +1 from a gamer who uses linux too much

  • Sonny P commented
    11 Mar 11:23pm

    +1 from a linux gamer.

  • jason Edward commented
    11 Mar 05:28am


  • Brodie Davis commented
    10 Mar 01:51am

    +1 for this. Linux dev here, happy to help beta test or work towards a deployment method, if code is open source (I couldn't find an OSS repo for Overwolf itself)

  • Daniel Hutzley commented
    23 Feb 06:01pm

    A possibility to make porting this project easier is to target AppImage. This format works on almost all Linux distros and shouldn't take more than a small amount of effort to package. It also has the benefit of being easy to adapt to exotic systems like NixOS and being able to be put on the downloads page.: and may be of interest.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    17 Feb 09:49am

    Still not set. We will update this as soon as we do, this is clearly a popular requet.

  • Anish Shirodkar commented
    15 Feb 01:47am

    Is there a date we can expect the cursforge for linux to come out on?

  • lukas rau commented
    6 Feb 11:49am

    me as an linux user that works mostly on minecraft because windows sucks for developing / testing java on whould love an linux version and it aint that hard to support wine comletly

  • Marko Marchiori commented
    3 Feb 11:38pm

    How about keep the standard "Download" in the website while sorting things out?

  • ehon vannder flobit commented
    25 Jan 08:03am here is a linux work around.

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