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New UI regressions

  • There doesn't seem to be an obvious "Manage Project" button to edit our own mods on the mod-page.

  • The author's username is all lowercase for some reason, on the mod-page.

  • I like that mod-descriptions now support the horizontal line, but why were bullet points removed? Bring it back for better readability of lists.

  • New "Files" tab is more confusing than before while providing less information. Allow us to set a "main file" which should appear at the top and shows the changelog.

  • Tee Sixxer
  • Feb 5 2023
  • Planned
  • Feb 6, 2023

    Admin response

    1. Coming soon. Can use direct links in the meantime ( add "/settings" to your page URL)

    2. Will be fixed

    3. Description is being rebuilt from scratch to be actually WYSIWYG. We're working in the meantime to fix some migration issues

    4. Will be under consideration, depending on inputs from users

    For future posts -

    It would be better if you keep each idea to a single post. Sometimes some of the ideas are already in planning / some can't be done so we can't give your post an accurate status/response if you list several ideas.

    It's also better to check if some of your ideas already exist on the portal, and vote for those so they have a higher count.

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