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A way to add shaders from the app

There's already a way to add texture pack to our modpack from the app, but why not shaders? Is is because of some copyright issue or something? I mean it would really help us so we don't have to got to a website to add a shader.

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  • Jan 28 2023
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  • KuryKat commented
    29 Jan 09:30am

    First, there is no "shaders" tab into the Curseforge Website, they are under "customization" but that tab also contains other sort of customization stuff, such as guidebooks, configs, quests, scripts and etc, so they would have to create a new tab and manually move all shaders from that older one to the new one.

    Second, shaders rely on specific mods and some shaders only work with Optifine, which is never a good idea to include in your modpack, since Optifine is known to cause many bugs, including: chunk corruption, ore gen corruption, config corruption, recipe corruption, craft tweaker corruption, weird textures, even weirder textures, somehow manages to make your game not be able to launch without it, can make performance worse and had a case of it deadlocking servers being installed only on client side.

    Now if you don't use Optifine, you'd still have to install its alternatives.

    The alternatives for Optifine on Forge would be Rubidium + Oculus, which are 2 different mods, to use shaders, and sometimes you'd need to also use its addons, such as Rubidium Extras (magnesium-extras) + Rubidium Dynamic Lights (dynamiclights-reforged) for improvements and bugfixes. You would also need to disable the flywheel backend engine if you playing with any mod that uses that dependency, such as Create.

    The alternatives for Optifine on Fabric would be Sodium + Iris, 2 mods as well, they work pretty well and are known for supporting most of shaders that work with Optifine, and you won't need to disable anything, just install both mods in a Fabric modded environment and you're good to go!

    Third, and most important, most shaders don't have a good compatibility with modded environments, which can cause bugs, crash or even world corruption (depending on the shader you choose), the only shader that I've ever seen to have a good compatibility with most mods and modded environments is the "Complementary Shaders" which is the one recommended in most modpack communities and is the one that comes in automatically in ATM-8, for example.