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Add a "Featured" Sort By Category

This has been one of my longest running ideas since I began using CurseForge.

Here's the problem: Currently, CurseForge does not make it easy for newer, lesser known mods to gain traction or popularity. This is because CurseForge has a positive feedback front-page system, where already popular mods are featured and thus become more popular, and less popular mods are thrown to the back, causing them to be forgotten and never getting an opportunity to be shown to the average user browsing for mods.

The solution: A sorting category called "Featured" by default. It works like so: Instead of sorting mods based off of their total downloads, you instead sort them by the rate of downloads. So if a mod takes off quickly, it would be thrust to the top of the "Featured" category. As an additional benefit, already popular mods wouldn't have to give up their spots on the front page either. For example, let's say a brand new mod gains 100,000 downloads in the span of a week. It would then be very high on the featured page. Similarly, a mod like JEI gaining 100,000 downloads in the span of a week is a normal occurrence, so it would also be on the Featured page. And as a finishing touch, as the mod loses traction, it drops from the Featured page as quickly as it entered it, unless it can maintain its rate of downloads. This could also entice developers to continue updating their mods, adding new features, and generally keeping people engaged with their mod.

I think that this system could give a very dynamic, fluid home page experience, allowing less popular mods to get the opportunity to gain traction removing the positive feedback loop of sorting by total downloads, and still allows the already popular and common mods to stay featured and easily shown. It's a win-win for everyone ❤️

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  • Jan 28 2023
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