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Beta curseforge

Don't remove old curseforge, keep old curseforge layout as an option like reddit does with

Also don't remove any functionality from the website. Every major website redesign removes so many features and can make it harder to navigate for pc users. e.g. curseforge categories. It would be nice to not have a dropdown menu as an option and instead just have all of the links displayed straight away.

Also you can't search by popularity straight away from the game page. Also all the icons for the categories were removed

I don't know wtf I'm talking about honestly but I like the new Dark mode of the website and I like the cleanness of it but honestly complete website overhauls aren't needed and dark mode and increased text size would've been fine I'm just saying that overhauling the website too much can lead to lots of problems

  • Guest
  • Jan 25 2023
  • Not planned
  • Feb 6, 2023

    Admin response

    We're not planning to keep the old website, the system behind it doesn't allow us to add more improvements and is lacking stability, thus we will have to leave it behind. However, we're open to feedback and the beta website is not yet in its final state. Please try to keep your feedback and suggestions to comments on this post.