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Add 7 Days to Die as a game that is supported by the Curse Forge app.

I have found that using other apps such as NexusMods for my current 7 days to die modding library is more inconvinient than needed; It means I have to simultainously have multiple apps installed and running which is inconvinient, this is why I suggest that 7 days to die should be added within the app. It would be a tremendous help to only need to have one modding app to be running at any time which helps with storage, resources and quality of life. To point out a reason why I think this would be the a good and efficient game to add is that the game is easy to work with - all is needed is the mods folder to be created within the game folders. This helps with having to install mod loaders and such.

7 Days to Die - Steam page
7 Days to DIe - Website

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  • Jan 23 2023
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