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Search mods by substring, *without* word boundary mark

This applies to the whole search system in general, on both App and Website.

Reproduction steps (using WoW as an example.):

  • Search WoW Addons for "hank"

Expected results:

  • "oUF_Hank Update"

  • "oUF Hank by Banaak"

  • "Hank's Omnotron mod"

Actual results:

  • "oUF Hank by Banaak"

Example 2, search for "bag".

Expected results:

  • expected to include "MinimapButtonBag" in search results

Actual results:

  • "MinimapButtonBag" is not there, though it should be.

Apparently, search system searches by the whole word, including word boundaries around the search term ("\b"). A much better approach would be if it would just search by a substring inclusion (I'm not even hoping for regex support here).

Quite, quite frustrating. :/

...or at least make it an option when searching. :/

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  • Jan 13 2023
  • Planned
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