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Reduce the strictness of the searchbar / Search mod descriptions

I'd like some more leniency when it comes to searching for mods. rn the search feature will give no results if you spell a word wrong, or if the exact word searched isn't in any of the mod titles.

Related, it would be great if it could search mod descriptions for the queried terms as well as the titles, would give much better results. For example, if i'm searching for a mod that does a certain thing, but that feature isn't mentioned in the mod title directly, it's nearly impossible to find without manually scrolling through everything. (which also sucks because if you've clicked on a mod for more information on it, the back button resets all category filters. but there's already a post about that issue)

Searching descriptions as well as titles would also help smaller mods be discovered, as right now they'll almost never come up in search results unless you searched for the mod title directly. All category filters favor already huge mods.

  • Dan
  • Jan 10 2023
  • Planned

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