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CurseForge Launch Only

Launching overwolf and curseforge is annoying. Overwolf has its uses but nothing to do explicitly with CurseForge. Please let people launch only curseforge.

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  • Nov 5 2020
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  • Andrew Kelley commented
    29 May 03:36pm

    Overwolf is objectively a horribly bloated piece of pointless software. It breaks hooks that apps such as OBS use to capture games, it runs in the background contantly, and it even BREAKS LIGHTING ON SOME SOURCE GAMES JUST BY BEING ACTIVE.

    Nobody cares about your "not planned" tag. We don't want Overwolf. This is obvious from the fact that this is one of the most voted on posts on your entire feedback site.

  • Guest commented
    8 May 07:22pm

    with weaker pcs, this could help with performance, and you wouldn't need to open it twice every time...

  • Curse Sucks commented
    20 Dec, 2021 12:57am


  • Andrew Kelley commented
    12 Nov, 2021 05:53pm
    Overwolf is bloatware. And to reply to BellCube, Electron is another HTML-based "language" that they could have used. Also, Overwolf did not buy Twitch. They bought CurseForge FROM Twitch. Overwolf is crap. CurseForge should be standalone.
  • Squish commented
    23 Jul, 2021 02:56pm

    I'd like to eat crow, and retract my comment... I didn't read the issue closely enough... #shame

  • Squish commented
    23 Jul, 2021 02:50pm

    Silly fools... Open Overwolf, at the top where it says Store and Library, click Library. Click the gear that's on the CurseForge app.... Click Add Desktop Shortcut.

  • BellCube commented
    23 Jun, 2021 12:26pm

    Let me explain how CurseForge works:

    CurseForge is a modern application, and like every modern application, is programmed via a programming language. Not even Microsoft develops Windows in binary CPU instructions. Because Overwolf has their own, simple-to-use, HTML (website code)-based programming language, that's what they use. Overwolf already bought Twitch, give them some rest. Changing to a language like, say, C++ would drastically increase development times and would require a re-write of the entire CurseForge application.

    And for those of you calling Overwolf "bloatware," just be aware that you can easily tune Overwolf to launch and close with the CurseForge application, as I have done. Overwolf REALLY allows for the crazy-fast development times that would've taken the Twitch teams many times longer, assuming they had the same dedication the Overwolf-CF team does (which they did NOT). Honestly, would you rather have the Twitch launcher or Overwolf's? Personally, I'll take Overwolf for the massive lack of bloat compared to Twitch, let alone everything else they've added as of late.

  • Guest commented
    14 Jun, 2021 09:51am

    I’ve wanted this functionality for a while as well. In fact I never wanted Overwolf at all, just CurseForge.
    Now that this idea has been marked as, ‘Not Planned’ it just re-affirms my decision to ditch Overwolf/CurseForge altogether.
    I switched to using wowup about 4 months ago and it’s brilliant. It’s a free app dedicated to wow addons, lightweight with no ads or bloat ware. Really glad I made the switch over, I highly recommend it.

  • Leo Holdiman commented
    6 Apr, 2021 07:55pm

    For people that say they need to because it's on the Overwolf framework:

    How did you get it on macOS then?

  • Guest commented
    24 Mar, 2021 03:54am

    Honestly this. Overwolf is nothing but a hassle for me and has nothing I want. It hogs resources and is glitchy as all heck, and has continued to run even after I've exited it and changed settings. Genuinely dislike the app, and would much rather have a stand alone curseforge app, heck I'd take the twitch launcher for it over this.

  • Guest commented
    26 Feb, 2021 09:22pm

    Application on application redundancy / dependency is the product of horrible development based on poor management practices stemming from product creep - the idea that more users will use more of your products by requiring them to have your other products is a quick way to lose customers. I want ONE product. And if I want your other products, I want to use them WHEN I want to use them. Force me to use both? I'm out. Cya. Gone.

    P.S. This is why SAMSUNG phones have become insanely popular in comparison to Microsoft/iPhone/Google phones. It's freedom vs. oppression. Allow me to choose and I will be your loyal customer. Force me to accept something I don't need or want, I will immediately seek an alternative. Your choice.

  • Guest commented
    25 Feb, 2021 07:03am

    plus overwolf conflicts with virtual desktop if using vr

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2021 11:22pm

    They're full of shit. They keep responding with "oh we can't run it separately" when it was proven repeatedly that they can. It was even done FOR them, yet they refuse, as their bloatware comes with ads, not to mention how many laws broken by users being below 18 without knowing you have to be over 18. Overwolf? Overbloat.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jan, 2021 06:30pm

    After the first time I ran curseforge, I pinned it to the taskbar (Win10), now it just loads directly into curseforge. Overwolf only runs in the background. Set both to completely exit when closed and put overwolf to hide its icon into the notification area and you won't even notice it. This doesn't stop it running, but makes it so you won't notice it.

  • Guest commented
    3 Jan, 2021 04:45pm

    Something that may help some of you wanting a stand-alone app: GDLauncher.

  • Anthony Ya'Privacy commented
    13 Dec, 2020 11:27pm

    There is a privacy issue, where MOST users are under 18 years of age but OVERWOLF's terms require users to be 18. This may violate MANY issues in both the US & EU. This will be the end of the entire Forge community, because this OVERWOLF service is bloat and has privacy issues.

  • Guest commented
    13 Dec, 2020 09:08pm

    I agree but to an extent. I spoke with one of the devs on twitter about this, and I firmly believe that it functionally cannot be launched separately, however, I don't think it should be a whole separate instance. There's nothing stopping the team making Overwolf and Curseforge one single, unified app, where you click on some tab or icon within overwolf to access Curseforge. Just. Like. Twitch. Did. This current system is pointless and needlessly loads additional things, and you can streamline the load times and cut down resource usage.

  • AzerPUG commented
    11 Dec, 2020 02:30pm

    What you are saying is factually untrue. CurseForge needs a lot of things to run, which are already implemented in the OverWolf app. If you want them to be separated, the CurseForge app needs to be A LOT bigger then it is now. And since it won't be perfectly optimized, it will also slow down the entire progress.

    What you got right now, is quicker AND more lightweight, you just see 2 icons in your system tray... Trust me, you don't actually want them to be split :P

    And with the automation of launching OverWolf automatically and the ability to choose the setting to automatically close it when you close CurseForge, you literally don't need to ever realize what is happening, except for when you specifically check your system tray xD

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2020 03:32am

    I agree with this %100. Launching two things to only use one, is absolutely stupid, and a waste of time/resources. Use the ideas below, like plaster your name and logo all over the actual Curseforge mod manager or something. We still get what we want, with a good functioning mod manager, and you get your advertisement, for whatever "Overwolf" is.

    Please, fix this so we have one efficient application and not a useless piece of garbage, and Curseforge.

    Also, as you mention below... better performance... That's bullshit. I was updating my mods, and minimized the window, only to have it crash/close itself, and have to redo everything.

    I get it, BETA is in the name or whatever you gotta say, but still makes me unhappy to have something working with no issues, transition to issues.

  • kraystase . commented
    21 Nov, 2020 08:23am

    need just only curseforge launch , not overwolf.....

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