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[Beta feedback] On current beta for website on Minecraft Modpacks the search bar isn't finding what it should.

When I'm looking at a list of modpacks, and I see that the search bar has placeholder text for "Search for a Minecraft Mod..." (which I love!) I expect that as I type each letter, dropdown will appear below with suggestions for which mod I'm trying to add, and when I select it, I expect it to be converted to a tag visually so that I can then begin searching for another mod to add to my search filter. Then, I expect to get a list of all the modpacks that include those mods sorted how I choose.

Instead, "When I search for things like "CarryOn" I get a bunch of modpacks that have no mention of CarryOn anywhere, not on its description page, not in the Relations->Dependencies, not in the the changelogs. How did these modpacks get on the list when searched for CarryOn?

  • Ryan Hart
  • Dec 25 2022