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Bug Report directly from addons through the CurseForge app

You could create the ability for bug reports to be created from within addons inside World of Warcraft and getting posted on the Issues page of the addon automatically.

And this wouldn't even be complicated in any way.

Addon developer puts a new metadata line on the .toc with the name of the bug report file, just like we do with the savedvariables (that or have an extra file on the savedvariables with a specific name that curseforge would recognize), and then when users open the CurseForge app the app checks the file and if needed uploads it to the servers where it will be opened and sanitized and posted on the issues page of that addon.

On the addon developer side, it would be his job to follow a certain formatting on what is put inside that file because if the formating is wrong it will either not be posted at all or be posted incorrectly or with missing fields/information.
He would also need to follow certain rules regarding the feature since you need to ask the user if they want to use it. This part could be forced on your side too by doing the same on the app (at least once, and have an option to enable/disable available), in which case even if the addon captures the information, the app would just ignore that.

This would make it much easier for users to report bugs and would make it more probable that they do because most people aren't going to leave the game to go post a bug or remeber to do it after they finish gaming.
Also the fact that it is done the moment it happens means that the error message is right there to be automatically captured by the addon for the report, and many other things, the information on the report will be much more complete, list of addons etc.

This would make developers life's much easier when they need to fix particular problems.

Also, the addon developer could, as I said before with permission, have multiple forms of bug reporting, a "basic" one where the user only needs to say "yes i want to send this bug report" and it would just capture the information it can (error, addon list, whatever else we can get that is useful, this would depend on the addon and the developer) and a advanced one where the user actually fills out a report on top of the automatic information.

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  • Dec 22 2022
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