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Differate between addon up-to-date (latest version of addon) and addon up-to-date to the game to maximize addon quality.

I have a suggestion reagrding your app/website in showing 'Up to date'-status at addons.

The reason why i suggest this is, because I see many problems ingame causing by outdated addons (unwanted behavior, errors, loss of data etc..). And this can really spoil the fun while playing. And you don't want that to be caused by an addon. Making clear if an addon is updated and is on par with the latest gameversion will help greatly in this.

The change i would suggest is to make a difference in whether an addon is:
- updated by the author to latest version of the addon
- if the addon is updated to the latest version of the game AND the latest version of the addon.

If an addon is not updated to latest version of the game then that addon is still a problem. Showing a warning that the addon might not work as intended and the usage is of risk of the user or something is valuable information here.

  • Z3ROR
  • Dec 19 2022
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  • Guest commented
    22 Dec, 2022 08:36pm

    There should be something saying both things yeah. But an addon not being "up-to-date to the latest version of the game" doesn't mean it doesn't work 100% perfectly.

    I can tell you right now I have an addon I made back around the end of WoD and it still works without errors today. I did update it in Legion but only to add features, I never had to actually redo the overall code.

    There are a lot of API changes when new versions of the game come out but they don't change everything.

    And to be honest, being "up-to-date to the latest version of the game" is just changing a number on a file, it also doesn't guarantee it's working fine.
    One can look at when the addon was updated if that's all you want, the date is right there.