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My Addons list not updating fully on open

When I open the app it often does not show any updates available. If I manually Refresh, there are sometimes then updates.

Today for example:

  1. Opened and was shown MoveAnything with an update, however it showed my installed version and Latest Version as the same numbers (18.0.1). (Attachment: Overwolf_2020-10-23_14-52-34.png)

  2. Refreshed and nothing changed.

  3. Clicked on the MoveAnything title and went to their Versions and saw that 18.0.2 is the most recent version. (Attachment: Overwolf_2020-10-23_14-53-31.png)

  4. Went back to the My Addons page and I was now shown 3 updates. (Attachment: Overwolf_2020-10-23_14-53-38.png)

So there were several problems:

  • Latest Version file name did not update.

  • Not all updates were found/My Addons list did not refresh on open fully/was not fully sorted by the Action column.

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  • Oct 23 2020
  • Bug logged for Fix
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  • Ida Engmark commented
    11 Dec, 2021 07:29am

    Been noticing this a lot lately.

    Mods are not shown as ready to update, and if I manually update a mod, Curseforge will show that mod as needing to be updated.

    Something is definitely up with the cache invalidation somewhere. This can go on for several hours or days regardless of the setting for update frequency.

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov, 2020 05:51pm

    I still have to refresh every time I open the app or it doesn't show anything needs updated.

  • Guest commented
    7 Nov, 2020 04:53am

    I don't see any of these issues today in the Beta! Thank you very much!

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    1 Nov, 2020 09:27am

    Thanks! We will look at the caching of the Refresh button.

  • Jesse Gaither commented
    26 Oct, 2020 11:10pm

    This also happens to me. App does not load on startup (separate issue) and then I have to manually Refresh multiple times to find updates. It also defaults back to Addon name instead of by Action. With the Twitch client addon updates would show up almost immediately and always be at the top when sorted.

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2020 06:20pm

    Tested this again this morning:

    1. Opened app.

    2. No updates listed - sorted by "Action" 3 times to make sure I wasn't missing something.

    3. Tried pressing "Refresh" 3 times, but nothing happened. (Is there a throttle on Refreshing right after starting the app?)

    4. Clicked on the title of an addon to visit their page, loaded it and visited the "Versions" tab.

    5. Pressed "Back" to return to My Addons.

    6. Now have 3 updates available.