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search sims 4 mods by creator / author

if I don't know the name of the mod I want, it would be nice to be able to type the creator's name in the search doesn't have to be a filter option, I just want the ability to type their name and have it trigger a keyword so I can find their member page and see their other projects, to hopefully see the mod i'm looking for that I can't recall, or discover what else the modder has to offer without searching through pages and pages of mods!

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  • Nov 17 2022
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    Team Overwolf commented
    24 Nov 11:07am

    This feature is planned for December 6 together with the Sims 4 coming to the CurseForge app :]
    You will be able to search by author on both the website and the app.

    You can check out the timeline here

  • Guest commented
    19 Nov 08:46am

    All the other information about the mods is available. Why not the name of the creator? It would be nice to search for a creator's name and have all their stuff come up. So right now I have to go to the creator's website to find the name of the mod. I'll download it from there. Defeats some of the purpose of Sims 4 going to CurseForge.

  • Guest commented
    17 Nov 10:04am