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Overwolf_Terminate_Manager[PID] handle should release on quit

Every time Overwolf/CurseForge starts up, it creates a new Overwolf_Terminate_Manager[PID] handle (replace [PID] with the PID of the process Overwolf is hooking into) and does not release it upon quitting Overwolf. Screenshot attached after restarting Overwolf about half a dozen times.

  • Arrhae Khellian
  • Oct 20 2020
  • More information required
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  • Arrhae Khellian commented
    10 Jan 04:47pm

    Still applies to

    • Overwolf:

    • CurseForge:

  • Arrhae Khellian commented
    18 Nov, 2020 12:42am

    This still applies to

    • Overwolf:

    • CurseForge: 0.0.56

  • Arrhae Khellian commented
    5 Nov, 2020 03:20pm

    I can confirm this is still happening with the following OW/CF versions:

    • Overwolf:

    • CurseForge: 0.0.36

  • Arrhae Khellian commented
    21 Oct, 2020 02:19pm

    I used the following tools to identify the event handles:

    1) Sysinternals Handle

    With Overwolf/CurseForge closed, handle.exe -a Overwolf

    2) Sysinternals Process Explorer

    With Overwolf/CurseForge closed, open Process Explorer, Find->Find Handle or DLL..., Overwolf

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    21 Oct, 2020 07:10am

    We will try to reproduce, and if not might get back to you for more information.