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Revamp "customizations" section; better support for datapacks, shaderpacks, and customization mods

The customizations section is pretty much used as an "other" section as it stands right now. Almost all of the most popular items are shaders but there isn't even a category for them. This is also where people post datapacks now that vanilla minecraft and most mods support them, but that isn't a category either. Despite this, there's specific categories for lucky blocks and building gadgets, out of only 4 total mods with specific categories.

What the system needs is:
-A specific place for shaderpacks, either a category or their own section
-Better support for datapacks, actually auto-installing like mods would be nice but they should at least have a category
-Better support for modern customization mods other than crafttweaker

One improvement could be utilizing the dependencies/dependents system already in curseforge, making projects under the customization section searchable by the project(s) that they're a customization for(if any) as a replacement of adding each mod to the sidebar manually. The one problem with this is mainly shaderpacks, which are mostly addons for a mod that is not and likely will continue to not be hosted on curseforge(optifine). I'd say this should

Another improvement would be specifying which folder a customization is added to. some need to go in a folder to load datapacks from, some need to go into the config folder of a specific mod, some need to be loaded as a resource pack but aren't a texture pack, etc. This would allow customizations to be a tab in the launcher instead of only being externally available.

  • Cvoid W
  • Oct 11 2020
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  • Claycorp commented
    21 Oct, 2020 03:31am

    This is partly a duplicate of #65.
    All of the other improvement stuff should be separate posts as there's a lot going on in this single post to talk about.