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Adjustable Tab's Collums

Hello there, Im not familiar with making suggestions but i hope im in the right place and im not "beating a dead horse" so to speak...
So ill start with my screen setup, which is dual screen side by side i game on one, n often have a varity of windows open on the other screen with multiple applications sharing screen space atleast 50% of the time, from updating addons to weakauras to watching Cobra Kai,

Currently Curse forge has 70% of my second screen and a sticky notes has the other 30% side by side, This still (for curseforge n searching addons looking up names etc) isnt enough space for me to see the full name of some addons ( for WoW; Details plugins to be specific, ).

Suggestion / Would Really Love to See for QOL Change:

Adjustable Collums, right in-between Addon l Action l Download l etc.

Inset Blah Blah Here -
One screen i have is 21 inch the other is a 28 inch I just tested it on the larger one which is normally occupied with my game of choice, and it still was not enough space (70%/30% or even 80%/20% for screen space) Some of the addon names dont even fit (they are plugins so a bit longer then normal) with 100% of the screen space

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  • Sep 22 2022
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