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MCreator has been recently discontinued, and MCToolkit is taking it's place. The problem is, MCToolkit is a very small project, and can not support their own servers to download mods from. They are relying on distributing mods through curseforge. I am not part of the MCToolkit team, however I think it would help any person who is staff or part of the community to easily be able to view the site's creations.

  • Slay Digger
  • Oct 4 2020
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    6 Oct, 2020 06:49am

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion!

    We also read and were saddened to hear about the end of the period announced by MCreator's developer.
    We welcome tool developers to be in touch with us, as well as actively reach out to interesting ones we find to discuss and check if we can work together to help grow the community.
    We hope MCToolkit will be successful and welcome creators to upload projects to CurseForge, and will try to reach out the developers to introduce ourselves.