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Fix weird sorting glitch

When I went to add a new mod to my modpack, I changed the sorting from Featured to Total Downloads and everything seemed fine. But when I went to change it back, the background for the options was white instead of black and the text was grey which made it hard to read unless I hovered over them with my mouse. I use dark mode on Twitch and have been for months and have never encountered this issue before. I also play with Twitch in fullscreen.

  • Kiara Minecraft
  • Sep 19 2020
  • Sep 21, 2020

    Admin response


    We are aware of this Glitch, however we won't be fixing the front end, but rather developing it from scratch.

    The new client will look and filter a bit differently, for example - dark mode will be the only scheme, and the colours will slightly change.
    We hope this means that the glitch won't appear, and welcome you to check out how it's expected to look in our roadmap here

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