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Common Block

have a common block option in our profile where we could set some common blocks in our profiles and then include a tag that triggers that block on our asset pages, and then we only have to change the common block to effect everything where it is attached at one time without editing each individually.

example tag might be @websites@ or @contact@ or @license@, when the cf page renderer sees the tag it finds the associated block in our profile and loads whatever code or text is attached to it.

  • Kree Zuhl
  • Aug 31 2020
  • Not planned
  • Sep 2, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey there,

    Could you explain what you mean in common block option? is this for discroptions or text blocks?

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  • Kree Zuhl commented
    25 Jan, 2021 04:09pm

    Ok, so here's an example, a real world example.

    I've got 118 projects on CurseForge now and it was just brought to my attention that my invite link to Discord has expired. It wasn't suppose to expire, it was set to infinite uses and infinite time. Now i have to manually change that on all those projects.

    If i had a common block in my profile, then I could just change it there, and that code would be automatically included on all of my projects with the updated invite link.

  • Kree Zuhl commented
    2 Sep, 2020 09:04pm

    On our curseforge pages for each of our various assets we have descripts and stuff. A common block would be something that would sit inside of our profiles. And it would be linked to a tag. For instance I could have a common block tagged as @sponsor@ and when cf page render encounters the tag, that tag would be replaced with the common block in my profile with the same tag. That way on all my assets i have with cf 108 and counting, if i change sponsors I will only have to edit the code (html) for that just one time.