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Add ability to block users from commenting on your mods or DMing you

It seems curseforge has no way for a mod author to block toxic users from commenting on their mod's page leaving modders with the ability only to ignore the users (other will still see the toxic comments), delete the comment (the modder still has to read the nasty text), or disable comments all together (should be last resort).

It would be really helpful to have a block feature be implemented so that modders can keep know trolls or toxic users from their pages without needing to completely disable comments. Said block feature can also stop DMs from the person as well

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  • Aug 25 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Aug 27, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey there, thanks for the suggestion.

    We are currently focused on transferring the client smoothly from Twitch to CurseForge and will take a while before we look into the project management side, including the user issues and comments.

    We still need to learn about this and will consider block/ignore features in the future.

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  • Fade X commented
    3 Dec, 2020 10:56am

    This feature needs direct implementation after the transition lol

  • Sy ph commented
    2 Dec, 2020 10:32pm


  • Kree Zuhl commented
    2 Dec, 2020 09:49pm

    as a work around, i've found that I've had to actually report the toxic commentator, that then removes them from my feed and blocks them too. But it's not made known that this actually works that way.

    So what we need is comment management that is understandable to the content creator.

  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2020 07:00pm

    I really need this.

  • Dmodoom Sirius commented
    26 Aug, 2020 07:50pm

    maybe a black list as well both global and author defined.