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Fix formatting in issue tracking system

Assuming that you want to take over the existing issue tracking system:

The formatting is broken right now. I'm not sure how long, but any formatting applied to issue descriptions or comments to existing issues is not being shown (despite seemingly html code is applied). I guess the CSS styles don't work correctly (or went missing).

  • Michalis Adamidis
  • Aug 24 2020
  • GG!
  • Aug 26, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey there, good one!

    1) We aren't going to take over the Twitch issue tracking system as that's part of their assets, but we have gone over it to as part of our research into the community requests. We'll see if we can receive some exported list so that the information isn't lost.
    2) We weren't planning on changing the format from this portal - If there are any issues or additional information required we welcome contacting us directly in the Discord channel or email.
    As a clarification, where the CSS problems you referred to on the Twitch system or this one?

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