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Better Relations

Currently, the relations are a mess. "Optional Dependency" is often used for compatible mods instead of mods that add new features to the original mod itself. "Included In" is used more for modpacks and not packaged mods (buildcraft-all comes to mind for Minecraft).

The way I envision it, we would have three tabs, each with their own headings (as noted by the lettering):

  1. Libraries and Frameworks

    1. Required

    2. Adds Functionality

    3. Incompatible

  2. Other Mods

    1. Compatible

    2. Incompatible

  3. Modpacks

    1. Included

    2. Recommended In (for client mods)

  • BellCube
  • Aug 23 2020
  • Not planned
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  • Claycorp commented
    23 Aug, 2020 09:38pm

    The Relations system is shared by all of CurseForge, thus it can't be specific to one game.

    "Optional Dependency" explains exactly what it is regardless of what it does.

    Your idea would cause more issues than it solves as a mod that adds content like Tinkers Construct isn't a Library or Framework but has one built in. Mods that are there own thing by itself that direct add support for Tinkers Construct aren't Libraries or Frameworks either.

    There is no reason to have two incompatible options as if it's incompatible in one space, it's incompatible in all spaces. There also isn't a reason for mods to be marked as Compatible as every mod should run with another mod. There are very few instances where two mods together will outright break loading. Sure some features might not work out of the box but in most cases there are configs to fix this or it can be reported to the dev to be fixed.

    Modpacks don't currently support optional mods, There isn't a point in marking them with anything and why would it be limited to just client mods? All mods are client mods as the client is a server and a client in one.