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Modpack Permissions for Individual Mods

Alright. Currently, developers have to read through all of the descriptions to fund the modpack permissions, and, if none exist, contact the developer for permissions (if you even can!) It's all too confusing. I propose instead to have integrated settings for this; An entire settings tab dedicated to modpack permissions on the Manage Project page. A few ideas:

  • Allow Modpacks (toggle, required)

    • Self-explanatory. Disables the use of the mod in modpacks all together

  • Allow All Modpack

    • Disables all others

  • Require Attribution

    • Require the modpack author to include a combination of characters in the description (e.g. "{{ModAuthor}}" and "{{ModLink}}")

        • These would be variables used in order of appearance, sorted how the modpack author desires, to insert a dynamically changing link to the mod and the owner/authors of the mod, respectively. The variable system would allow the modpack author to include custom messages about the mod.

        • Gives a warning of not enough variables are present in the modpack description (and tells you which ones)

  • Require Custom Message

    • Only available if attribution is required

    • Forces the pack author to include a variable (e.g. "{{CustomMessage}}") for a custom message set by the mod developer.

      • This message may include other variables, like one for the name(s) of the author(s). This message should be human-reviewed for things like hate speech and unrelated content.

  • Require Author Name(s)

    • Requires the use of an author variable in the description of the modpack

  • Custom Permissions

    • Give additional notices to Curse modpack makers. (text field)

  • Non-Curse Permissions

    • Custom permissions for modpacks made outside of CurseForge (text field, required)

  • BellCube
  • Aug 23 2020
  • Not planned
  • Aug 24, 2020

    Admin response

    Thanks for the detailed suggestion!

    We're working on transferring the client smoothly from Twitch and aim to reach a stable, functional version. Afterwards we're look into the website.
    When we reach the author console and project management pages, we'll consider the suggestion, however there are certain elements that are determined by the mod/modpack creators including the eans of contacting them.
    The License segment is the most notable area where you can look for distribution settings, but reading the description is a good practice for avoiding any issues.

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  • Claycorp commented
    23 Aug, 2020 09:23pm

    If you are using the CurseForge platform for hosting a modpack you don't need to do anything. The TOS of uploading mods to CurseForge gives CurseForge the right to grant anyone using it's platform to make modpacks with the content on the site.

    Mod dev's can't restrict your use of a mod that's used in the CurseForge space other than by removing it from there. If they don't want people using there mod in CurseForge modpacks, they shouldn't use the service.

    There is a 3rd party list for approved mods that aren't on the CurseForge space. You can find info about how that all works here: