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Curated Content Discovery

Problem: current users only have limited ways to discover new content on Curseforge itself. You either have "Featured" (why is it featured? who says?), "Popular" or just a "added last" filter. Featured/popular, in effect return avery similar list, especially since popular seems to return a list based on number of downloads - which will always reflect a certain set of mods that are commonly used in packs etc.

As Overwolf takes over, It would be great to explore some new ways to find content that moves beyond this framework. Curator lists, user reviews, "trending on Youtube" may all be aggregated on a home page that allows exploration of all content sections. Always make the selection criteria transparent to the users and use this as an opportunity for creators to find synergy with each other. For example, you may have a different pacemaker each month choose a small list of their favorite new mods. Resource pack makers may have a list of their favorite shaders, etc.

Take this as an opportunity to build the community and give it a voice. I think users are tired of algorithmically served content that have no personality or way to elevate quality content.


  • Seth Rosenfeld
  • Aug 22 2020
  • GG!
  • Aug 26, 2020

    Admin response

    Those are all valid points and some great solutions to widen the exploration and recommendation options.
    Content recommendations and curation is something we will look into after the transfer which at first will be very similar to the current client with some Ux/Ui changes.
    After we get the chance to rework the website and project uploading aspects, we'll also consider more means of curation and listing, to allow a better exploration and discovery experience and to strengthen the community's voices.

    thanks again for the suggestion, good points all around for us.

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  • BellCube commented
    25 Aug, 2020 04:47pm

    While I like the idea it seems pretty impractical. You'd have mod popularity 100% determined by 5 popular youtubers playing FunCraft.