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Better support for minecraft texturepacks.

Better support for minecraft texturepacks.

Currently the curseforge twitch client only allows for mods to be installed to your game. Offering the support for direct installation of texturepacks into the game would help authors out a big deal. Having options for people's packs to be automatically updated or for people to get notified of a new pack update in their game would be a great addition.
While texturepack authors put a lot of time in creating new updates, most of the time, pack users don't return to check for updates after their initial installation of the pack.
Having a way for users of the pack to be notified of new updates, the update logs or other integrations within the curseforge client/game client would help authors to get more recurring downloads and for users of the pack to stay in touch with the creator and their work.

  • Stefan
  • Aug 20 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Aug 24, 2020

    Admin response

    (Note: see comment thread for the OP clarifications)

    Thanks for your suggestion - There is a way to view some of the information you've asked about that will be accessible in a similar flow as it is at the moment.
    We're aiming to transfer the client smoothly from Twitch and achieve a stable, functional version. Afterwards we will be looking at the website and the author console, however those will take some time.

    Creating a different flow on the client will require careful restructuring, and so as of the moment navigating, viewing project info and downloading texture packs (and other mods types) will remain easier in the website, however we will consider the suggestion and what can be done to showcase mods in the client version as well.
    thanks again!

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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    24 Aug, 2020 01:25pm

    thanks for clarifying!

  • Stefan commented
    24 Aug, 2020 12:53pm

    Yes exactly. To my understanding there isnt currently a way to browse individual mods/texturepacks outside of first making a profile and editing it. And me not being someone who plays modpacks a lot was under the impression that there was no support for such on the client. giving these their own tab to pick and choose from will probably help make them easier accessable for the more casual player.

  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    23 Aug, 2020 08:21am

    continuing the discussion -
    If I understood correctly, you're asking for focus on other mods as well as easier accessibility to the info of individual projects within modpacks, is that correct?

  • Claycorp commented
    22 Aug, 2020 08:51pm

    You can't play without making a profile, resources don't have any profile information to make one from. Thus you can't just download them to nothing, just like any other content on the site excluding modpacks. You need to make a custom profile, this is the same as nearly every other launcher/profile manager.

    Custom profile does not mean modded. It defaults to modded as that's what the platform is focused around. There is a "None" option that will give you a vanilla profile.

    Modpacks are not the same as texture packs in any shape or form. A modpack is a whole profile packed up. A texture pack is just a bunch of texture files with no game/profile data.
    Texture packs aren't installable like modpacks. They work in the same sense as mods do, You can't just download a single mod and play the game.

    This seems more like a "I don't understand how this works" issue than anything else.

  • Stefan commented
    22 Aug, 2020 01:20pm

    I see, problem is you can only access the resourcepack selector after making a new modded profile. I personaly dont play with any mods and was looking for a way to install texturepacks directly from the client in the same way you can browse and select modpacks

  • Claycorp commented
    22 Aug, 2020 01:19am

    Twitch app has built in support for Mods, Maps and Resources sections of the site and this has existed for the entirety of the MC support IIRC.

    It even tells you when a resource pack is installed and needs updating.

  • Stefan commented
    21 Aug, 2020 07:37am

    In response to Claydrop's comment.
    If I'm not mistaken, currently inside the twitch mod installer for curseforge you can only browse and install modpacks, The idea I'm proposing is to add a way to install texturepacks and individual mods too in the new curseforge-overwolf client.

    I'm not sure if I'm just completely missing something in my twitch app or if you were referring to the website when you said "client". because with client in my suggestion I was referring to the new curseforge-overwolf application.

  • Claycorp commented
    20 Aug, 2020 11:29pm

    All of this exists in the client already?

    Resource packs have the exact same support as mod files do. You just need to click on the "Resource Packs" tab to see them when in the profile overview or when downloading content.