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2 Ideas I Would Like to see in the New Launcher

  1. Make the Create Instance menu work the same as it does on GD Launcher. Basically there are 3 catigories: Minecraft (Shows Each version of Minecraft out), Forge (Minecraft Versions > Forge versions), and Fabric (Minecraft Versions > Fabric Versions. This makes it easier to make fabric Modpacks because twitch doesn't feature this so it's hard to make Fabric Modpacks

  2. The ability to add Modpack Suggested Args: These are used in the Override Java Arguments in GD Launcher. Changing these can result in different effects: Faster Loading time, Less ram Usage, or less CPU usage. Just the option to add Modpack Suggested args before launch would be nice. So It would say "Would you like to use this Modpacks Suggested Launch Arguments

  • Zane DragonBorn
  • Aug 19 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Aug 20, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

    The first suggestion has been requested in previous suggestions CF-I-117.
    The second suggestion is interesting and we'll take a deeper look into it.

    We're currently looking to transfer the client from Twitch smoothly and achieve a stable, functional client before moving on to the website. you can view our roadmap here:

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