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Crypto as a way to withdraw points

Many modmakers live in places where PayPal and Amazon don't operate, therefore, they lack any means to benefit from the Reward program.

While cryptocurrencies are not without issues, it's probably the closest thing to a catch-all solution: any conventional payment option will inherently be limited in regions available, while crypto can be cashed out practically anywhere;

It allows the modmaker to chose/find the preferred/available exchange, effectively turning every single one of them into a valid payment processor to withdraw CurseForge points with.

It's not about crypto for the sake of crypto, but about using crypto as a medium of ultimately receiving fiat money on your bank account regardless of where you live (unless crypto is banned by your local government, which is rare so far) - a volatile medium with a steep learning curve is better, than no medium available.

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  • May 23 2022
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    23 May 01:47pm

    If this would go through, it would be almost enough to turn making mods into a part-time job.