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Bring back MultiMC support + integration.

MultiMC is used as a one stop shop for installing mods and setting up modpacks.

All removing it does is hurt the players, and your userbase.

Modding is just plain annoying and frustrating if we have to individually download mods.

  • Maddie
  • May 20 2022
  • May 24, 2022

    Admin response

    We've introduced an official API on 5.16, you can read about it here. The API is aimed to support all 3rd party developers with several guidelines that allows control for authors and supports their rewards. With MultiMC privacy in mind, please approach them for more information about their application

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  • Andrew Kelley commented
    29 May 03:30pm

    About the Admin response- The fact that your API actively forces users to use the bloated Overwolf program just to mod their minecraft instances is unacceptable. ESPECIALLY due to the fact that Overwolf, while running, breaks other things within systems- such as OBS Game Capture. You are exploiting the stranglehold you have on the modding community for personal gain. Curseforge switching to Overwolf was an absolute mistake and has led to nothing but an erosion of the openness of the modding community.