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allow 3rd party launchers to download assets via a special button if they are viewing the asset via their browser.

  1. YamzaToday at 12:09 PM

    davide seemed to imply the plan was to provide the link for users to download the mod manually

  2. KreezxilToday at 12:09 PM

    oh, hmm, interesting.

  3. [12:09 PM]I remember a long long time ago in this galaxy no less, when the ftb launcher did that, the launcher that existed before cf launcher was a thing.

  4. YamzaToday at 12:10 PM

    i dont see why it wouldnt be possible for the user to click the link to initiate the download, then have the app take over and move the jar to the correct location

  5. KreezxilToday at 12:10 PM

    like have an "install with your launcher" button

  6. YamzaToday at 12:10 PM

    obv not a great thing for a mod manager but

  7. KreezxilToday at 12:10 PM

    which implies you're viewing the correct file with your launcher, and thus the ads. (edited)

  8. YamzaToday at 12:10 PM


  9. KreezxilToday at 12:11 PM

    you click the button and the launcher takes over

  10. [12:11 PM]is this an idea yet?

hypherionsaToday at 12:11 PM

It's also possible maybe for the launcher to open a popup window to the curse page, and just intercept the file download event to get the file. That way, the download still goes through curse (since the launcher is electron based)

  • Kree Zuhl
  • May 18 2022
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