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organizing system for downloaded mods - More information below

This is important; what the app urgently needs is an organizing system for downloaded mods. When we look at the mod list in a profile, we need to see categories and some ways to organize the information displayed.

Categories that should be included:

World Gen, API, Library, automatically installed as part of another mod ("Mods that are automatically installed as part of another mod disclaimer" idea), are connected to a server and will not work without it, and more.

Information that needs to be displayed:

mods that are no longer suitable for the version for one reason or another (In red maybe?), mods declared abandoned by the creator ("Mark own projects as Abandoned" idea), mods that the creator has set for them better alternatives ("Allow mod creator to give alternatives to his mod in other versions/unsupported versions" idea), and more.

  • Eamar p
  • Aug 16 2020
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  • Claycorp commented
    17 Aug, 2020 12:31am

    I don't see how this information is relevant anymore after you downloaded it as you can click on the project name to get all the information provided by the dev right there. Plus you downloaded it, you should know to some degree the general category a mod is from.

    There is no possible way for a mod to not be suitable for a version anymore after you download it within the app. If this happens either the dev marked it wrong and it won't load or you didn't use the app to get that file and it won't load.

    Abandon status in the mod list is pointless, it doesn't serve any purpose to pack makers or the vast majority of players once a mod is downloaded. This only plays a role in reporting issues and you will need to visit the site or other space to do so anyway. This is especially the case with old versions of the game, What's the point in a giant list of red when you knew that most devs moved on? Seems like it would just confuse people more than anything.

    Also none of this would work for non-curseforge hosted mods or in offline mode. How would these be handled?