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Include dependents in API response.

I would like to see an endpoint that allows us to retrieve a list of projects that depend on another specified project. For example I should be able to retreive every addon that has a dependency on a given API or library.

This would be helpful for authors of said APIs and libraries as it would allow them to analyze the projects that depend on their project and discover insights into how their project is being used. It is also a good datapoint to help authors measure the adoption and health of their APIs.

An inverted view of this data is already present in the API via the dependencies array in the mod/project response. The dependencies array is useful for installers/launchers, but does not help this use case as it requires the dependents to already be known.

  • Tyler Hancock
  • Mar 29 2022
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  • Grend commented
    3 Sep, 2022 07:16am

    I would also like to see this happen, ideally also available on a per-file basis to be able to find out what modpacks contain specific versions of my mods for example.

  • Gecko ThePecko commented
    4 Jun, 2022 09:04pm

    This would be super helpful for library authors like me to know what types of mods and modpacks use my library and to gain metrics about them.