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Mac - Get the app compatible for the M1 chip

Making the app compatible with the new Apple Silicon M1 chip would make the app 10000x better for mac users because the game would run so much better if it would be compatible. This would also bring you guys way more users because right now it gets laggy really fast in a game.

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  • Mar 24 2022
  • Planned
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  • Lester Phelps commented
    24 Oct, 2022 04:32am
  • pneen koala commented
    11 Apr, 2022 01:46pm

    Same goes for ARM64 on Windows and Linux!!

  • Yamza commented
    29 Mar, 2022 09:31pm

    I'm curious how this got marked as "planned" as I don't see how CurseForge can do anything regarding M1 Macs. Any issue is due to Apple removing support which is not something that is possible to fix by anyone other than Apple as far as I am aware. Also what happens in-game is not related to CurseForge either since all CurseForge does is manage mods and modloaders.