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Minecraft for Windows 10 Addons, Resource Packs, and Worlds

As of now, in order to find some community made content for Minecraft Bedrock, you have to search sketchy virus infected sites, it would be nice to be able to auto add them to your game from curseforge. There would be a folder under documents/curse called MinecraftBedrock. Upon choosing a mod / resource pack / world it would automatically add the mod to your MinecraftBedrock Folder (Underneath another folder, deoending on the content type) And it would also run the file with minecraft, which is how you import content to minecraft windows 10. (In order to upload the file it would have to be a .mcworld, .mcpack, or .mcaddon) This would be nice, because right now addons are just thrown around with minecraft java edition, and do not support auto installs.

  • Slay Digger
  • Aug 13 2020
  • More information required
  • Aug 17, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey Slay!

    Not sure we understoof this correctly, could you confirm what Claycorp commented below?

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  • Guest commented
    8 Jan 07:48pm

    Yeah they need to add Minecraft Bedrock as a separated game on the website with full support of mods, worlds & addons. I'm sure it would also interest more people to visit the website.

  • Slay Digger commented
    17 Aug, 2020 04:05pm

    So Yes, there is kinda bedrock support. However: The addons section under minecraft is commonly used for addons to minecraft Java mods (Like Flans Content Packs) I am asking bedrock support on the service as a whole, as minecraft java and windows 10 edition are 2 completely different games. I would like the addons section to be under a new game (Minecraft Windows 10) Alongside win10 resource packs and worlds. I think it should be given support as it is the more popular version of minecraft. I am wanting bedrock support on the client, but a bit more dumbed down than java.

  • Claycorp commented
    14 Aug, 2020 03:40am

    This sounds like two requests.

    1. Bedrock support on the site.
    There already is a category for Addons on the site.
    The issue is that this isn't made clear enough and the project approvals don't enforce this.

    2. Bedrock addon support in the client.