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Searching "null" in the app counts as an empty search (it should search for the string "null")

I get why it does that but it should return "null" instead of null for the search term since there are mods that contain the string "null". "Nullscape ~ End Reborn" for minecraft to give an example.

Very low priority, not bothered by it, but I wanted to let the CF team know :)

  • lerokko
  • Feb 13 2022
  • Bug logged for Fix
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  • Admin
    Team Overwolf commented
    15 Feb 07:56am

    Thanks! We'll have a look at this

  • AzerPUG commented
    14 Feb 06:39pm

    LOL! This is one of those very typical programming things that no programmer sees coming before hand, but everyone understands afterwards.

    Should be a somewhat easy fix with a simple tostring() on the searchBar.value!