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A Server Section allowing for Instant play for Minecraft Servers

A New section next to modpacks, "Servers" People would put in a (hidden) server ip, a description, images, files, ect. Users could click the servers sections, and view a list of vanilla and modded servers. When they click play, it would launch minecraft (The custom files like resource packs and mods that the people who put up the server included) So people could easily find servers to play (Vanilla and Modded) It would of course have different ways of sorting like server types (For example: Factions, Minigames, Skyblock, Modded, ect) There would be a way to switch between installed modpacks and played servers (Like a switch or something) And there would be a way to delete servers from your recent list, which would hide it and delete the custom files. Unlike modpacks, there would not be an unlock files option, so people can't (Easily) add things like hacks or incompatible mods. In the servers list, there would be things like connected players, and if the server is on or not. There should also be a way to have a server private, and only specific users which the server creator has set (Like friends only, Verified Users Only, Invited Only, Stuff like that)
I think this would be great for finding new people to play with, and could be some great way to get some more app installs if people are searching online for things like "modded minecraft servers" Also, if you have a partnership with a certain server hosting company, you could have a "Purchase Server" Button.

  • Slay Digger
  • Aug 13 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Aug 17, 2020

    Admin response

    Hey there, GG for uploading the image - helps in understanding how you envision this :)
    This is a very interesting concept that we're exploring at the moment, but have not come to a verdict if and how it would be connected within the CurseForge app/Overwolf ecosystem.
    We're focusing on transferring the CurseForge client smoothly at first and then taking care of the website etc.
    You can follow our roadmap over here

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