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A way to make a modpack private but shareable. Merged

This would allow you to make a modpack just for your friends that you share with them, without having to go through the pain of google drive. The main advantage would be updates to the pack. You wouldn't have to install a new profile from google drive every time you wanted to update. This would also allow for easier server use.

  • Ian Patrick
  • Feb 5 2022
  • Not planned
  • Batimius Prime commented
    13 Feb 06:32pm

    Personally, this is a must-have feature. I created this account just so I could create a topic covering this exact issue.

    I created a server for a few friends of mine, and having a ready-to-go modpack was essential. I initially used GitHub, but that was too much pain for them to set up, so I decided to create a modpack on CurseForge. Soon, I came to the realization that I cannot just create a modpack for personal use. I ended up having to write a professional description for the modpack and giving it a good name for it to be approved as an actual modpack.

    Now, I am no newcomer when it comes to writing long professional paragraphs about the most random subjects -I mean, school prepared us for these occasions- but it would be much better if I didn't have to. Having the ability to create "private" modpacks would be amazing.

    One way that I can image this being implemented is that you'd be able to create a private modpack (probably an option like the "experimental modpack" and the "allow comments" options), which would not require approval from moderators. In turn, this modpack would be excluded from searches (and possibly from a user's profile). Of course, you could easily share this profile via a link. Also, when downloading, there could definitely be some type of notice that the modpack is private.

    Regardless, I would love to see this as an actual feature. Having the ability to create private modpacks would be very helpful, and for as long as the CurseForge servers can support it, personally I find it a must-have feature for the platform.