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Achievements & Ranks or a leveling system?

It could be really cool to have achievements & ranks, depending on how active you are, downloads etc.. It could motivate some users to be more active. There could be a leveling and for certain levels you could have a rank.

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  • Aug 8 2020
  • GG!
  • Aug 9, 2020

    Admin response

    Cool concept! Our first step is to migrate CurseForge smoothly from Twitch, and afterwards we will check out further UX, this is certainly something we'll consider, even if it takes a while to kick off. thanks for the feedback :)
    You can also follow our Road Map over here.

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  • Kree Zuhl commented
    13 Nov, 2020 03:16pm

    I like this idea. There could be a reward for most packs downloaded, comments made or something like that.

    You guys figure out the logistics.

    Maybe there's a raffle or random drawing on a random day of the month to whomever was logged in that day.